The Highs and Lows of Ocean Fare

Sessions 1-6

Herein is the journal of Professor Samuli Madcliffe, Gnome Sorcerer
(with the aid of Errol, Slayer of the Undead; Nathaniel, Bard; Navaren, a Beguiler; Mahdi, “The Chosen One”; Surk, The Lone Wanderer; and Liro, Warrior Seafarer)

After the following events, Captain Davos revealed that the cruise was a diversionary mission to destroy the master of bones. Due to an unholy storm, the ship crashed.

On the shores of an uncharted island, I, Errol and Nathaniel, survivors of a storm at sea, awakened to a wrecked ship and zombies rising to fight. Subduing the zombies, we then claimed what remained of the treasure of our ruined ship. In the distance, a freezing river ran. An equal distance from the ship in the opposite direction, a great mountain rose to reveal two skeletons along a goat path. Shortly after the undead were dispatched, the party was introduced to and gathered in the camp of Mahdi Tumblepelt, “The Chosen One”, a shaman of supposed great power and his bear companion, Mawsworth. With him, Liro lied unconscious in a gurney, apparently found on the shore. There, we learned briefly of the history and ways of the three tribes (the Frog (halflings and their ilk), the Bear (humans and their ilk), and the Bone (orcs and their ilk). During this time, three troglodytes ambushed the party and were slain.

The morning led to exploration of the ill-fated Bear Village where troglodyte zombies made the attempt to ambush the party. They failed. Upon further inspection of the village, Liro awakened to wreak a bloody finality to the zombies dwelling there (including the zombie chief), Naveren managed to charm and befriend an imprisoned troglodyte, and Nathaniel, casually leaning against what seemed to be a pigpen, discovered a pit of 10-12 zombies. Setting fire to the pit, Naveren and Liro managed to throw the friendly troglodyte into the flames and the party was set upon by a small force of skeletons. As the flames died down, so did the hopes of the skeletons. In the Great Grotto, the surviving Bear, Bone and Frog tribesmen revealed the tribe‚Äôs fates. All other remaining tribesmen are dead. Nathaniel explained that Liro, slayer of the Bear chieftain, is new leader, wielding the “Bear’s Claw”, a greataxe. In the desolate Bone Village, the Witch Doctor’s Hut revealed a secret cavern passage. There, Mork (an orc tribesman) perished in a pit trap. Exploration of the caves revealed more undead and Peter (I mean Surk), who is reunited with the remaining orcs, Grumtar and Krom. Hordes of Undead filled a twenty five foot hole.

At the end of the cave, we met the Witch Doctor and six undead minions. Defeating him, the Witch Doctor revealed his lord, the Master of Bones. After dispatching the Master, Captain Darvos and two of his crew were revealed in the third floor of the home of the Master of Bones.

Shortly after being reunited, we watched ships and barges sailing into the distance. It seems that the tribesmen were the loot gained by the forces of darkness.


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